Inside the Truth~The Blessed Little Homestead Story of Corruption, Collusion and Compassion ~ Introduction

I have tried to tell this story so that others can fully understand the scope of what happened to our family over the past few years. Its a very complex and compounded series of events that is often difficult to make short. So often times people get snippets that can be twisted. I spent the last year wanting to tell this story, getting frustrated that I didn’t know how to properly do it. People said we should write a book, but I need links and videos to help tell the story. People said make a documentary but I am not tech savvy and didn’t want to hire a company.

I decided to write a blog book. Its my own made up thing maybe, but that’s what it is. Each chapter will be its own blog entry and will be one at a time as I finish each one.

I know I could write a real book and sell copies. But I am not going to. The content of this entire website is subject to copyright and should not be used without express written consent. If you feel compelled to donate to our website, there is a button on the bottom of the page

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