I Might Be A Little Crazy

One way to discredit someone is to question their mental health. I’ve been diagnosed by the Facebook peanut gallery with a dozen or two mental conditions. And read on. You probably are suffering from many of these.


1. Narcacism. It’s the favorite. Because I blog about my family and post publically online I am a narcissist. Hmmm.

2. Delusional. Aparently my life isn’t what I think it is. I need to rely on others, looking from afar to clarify.

3. Self Deception. Part of being delusional. My feelings are unvalidated.

4. Paranoia. Things aren’t as bad as they seem and no ones out to get me. All of this crap is normal.

5. Self Victimization. Goes with paranoia. I’m not a victim. Not really.

6. Phenenoma Pregnancy Addiction. Guilty. I enjoy pregnancy

7. Addicted to Children. Not an official diagnosis. I’m probably guilty of that too. I mean who in their right mind has 11 freakin children?! Certainly not sane people.

8. Internet Addiction. I love this bar. It’s my kind of place

9. OCD. I’m obsessed with my internet life see #8

10. Manipulator. You didn’t really want to read this post. But for some reason you found yourself reading it. And you thought it was awesome.

11. Impulsivity. Characterized by me deleting FB posts. Even if those posts weren’t actually deleted.

12. Non Conformist. I don’t fit into boxes. I guess I’m supposed to

13. Manic. Because I have various moods. I can be nice and say “fuck you” in the same conversation.

14. Depressed/Suicidal. I’d have to be right, look at all that crazy shit up there!


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8 Responses

  1. Meagan

    I am sorry that you have to deal with this. It is stupid and childish on their part, not to mention fucking ridiculous.

    Their bullshit with that, is part of the reason why mental health is not taken seriously. People who make bullshit assumptions like that, are the reason why people, who actually do suffer from real mental illnesses, do not seek help. They add to the stigma and they add to the bullshit that makes people ashamed to have a mental illness.

    Their behavior with this adds to and encourages others to take mental illnesses as a joke. These people are disgusting.

  2. Amanda

    Oh my God, I’m crazy too! LOL! I’m glad though… everyone else is boring! ?

  3. Ben

    My personal experience, gained from having to personally deal with a few disgusting individuals over the years myself, has taught me that people who like to label others with some sort of “mental illness” are not so smart themselves. They do it to make themselves feel smart. But, again my personal experience has taught me that they were actually the nutjobs. My personal experience has also taught me to be extremely cautious of people who enjoying discrediting another person’s reputation.

  4. Mommy Love (@MommyLove74U)

    Nicole, love you momma. You send those stalkers and harassers my way and I will help them get educated on what awaits them if they don’t stop the harassment. I have a contact with someone that can further instruct. You are awesome and your kids are having an exceptional life experience because of your love for them.

  5. Toni

    I hate that you deleted your FB page. I enjoy reading your posts. Hope you have a great Monday.

  6. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Toni, I just took it down for the night to get a little peace.

  7. Denise

    Hello, my name is Denise and I am a crazy person……lol you are just my kind of crazy.

    I have been following your story off and on since your children were taken. I have seen the amazing support your family has been given AND the terrible hate. I am a mom of 6 and get criticized and snarky comments said by total strangers. It is that whole not fitting in a box (2.3 children – how do you get a .3 of a child anyway). Haters are gonna hate but they need to leave your family and business alone. You have been cleared by the state so what more do they want?

    Keep your chin up you have obviously done your job thus far (if not you wouldn’t have been given back YOUR CHILDREN) and I have no doubt you will continue to.

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