The Homestead Journal~Volume 3 Week 6~ Hello

On The Homestead 

The cold weather makes homestead work suck, thankfully we don’t have any deadlines and can work at our own pace. Jacob has been leading the projects here, kind of the homestead foreman. Jacob and Abigail will be spearheading the garden this year. Jacob has also taken an interest in woodworking and Quinten is taking an opportunity to learn more metal fabrication. are using the front portion of the property for the garden and woodworking shed, using further back for the cabins and such. We are preparing some area to move the cabin back more and build a playground and sitting/flower garden area around William … this has to wait till the ground dries up, IF it ever dries up.

This section was planned for a playground area, there was a huge walnut tree that had a tire swing on it. Last summer we lost our hickory tree in a storm. So now it’s a staging area as we plan out the layout. The ground will be tilled and corn and potatoes will probably go here.


Our Adventures

I decided to anchor my flag better. I was trying to figure out how to set it up and stableize it and this is what I came up with.


On The Menu

Some thick and hearty cold weather meals


Large Family Life

We still have some finishing touches to put on the cabin, but it’s pretty cozy as is. I know people have come up with some wild ideas of how life in a tiny home might be, and some people just think anything besides what they do is wrong, but we don’t care. It’s not for everyone but nothing is.

When we had a huge home and lots of beds my children still piled on the living room floor with their blankets and pillows. We bought bigger beds and they still piled on the living room floor with blankets and pillows. Even with their lofts, they still pile on the living room floor. So when it came to beds, we did something a little different.

There are benefits to sleeping on the floor, or at the least, hard surfaces. It was interesting I was writing this post when this article came across my newsfeed

Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor

We of course asked each child which mattress style they preferred. Some sleep just on blankets on wood, others have various mats. None wanted a standard mattress. We have one on our bed that is pretty firm, but with my muscle aches, I may look into other options for us.

Each child has their own personal space, and can do with it as they please so long as it’s clean and safe. Olivia said I could post a photo of her space. She has a loft space on her own above the pantry




Random Photos 

for those concerned we don’t have electricity, although it would be fine if we didn’t. The Amish live quite well. But we added a ceiling fan.

My Axolotls are male/female so we are setting up a second tank, I’m doing a slate tile bottom

That moment when your little brother is bigger than you.

Abagail is 16. Issac is 15

Lucas comes to work with me on Tuesday, I found him last week asleep. The next day I saw this meme and said “hey lucas, I found a photo of you” he says “that’s a cat” so I showed him the photo I took of him and he cracked up

The same thing happened the next day. So now my children think it’s funny for me to find photos of animals that look like them 😜





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6 Responses

  1. Vic

    I really enjoy reading your blogs! I feel like I’m also on vacation! Keep it up and looking forward on your future posts!

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Thanks Kathryn. It’s a tiny home for our family size! The loft spaces are divided up but roomy for small children. The older children have spaces downstairs, pretty cozy tho.

  3. Kathryn

    Omg…. the kids rooms are so…. roomy! I don’t know why I thought you lived in a tiny house. Do you have each child’s room walled off, or is it all open space like the one you showed? It’s so lovely and homey.

  4. Claire

    I really enjoy your posts… nice to see how well you all are doing. Love your life!

  5. Mom

    Love seeing all this. The children/animal pics are cool! Hard to believe Issac is so tall! Gonna be a big guy.
    The flower garden with seats sounds nice. I’ve always wanted one with blue and white flowers-they both reflect the moonlight, and are awesome to see under a full moon!
    Love to all!!❤

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