The Homestead Journal~Volume 2 Week 47~

                             On The Homestead 🏡 

We spent part of the week cleaning up downed tree branches for fire wood. We have four fire wood categories. We have kindling, wood stove wood, cook stove wood which is smaller than normal fire wood blocks and campfire wood. Campfire wood is wood that is burnable but not good for chimneys.

                                 Our Adventures 🚌

We haven’t been out much aside from errands lately. We often do our weekly shopping as a family. It’s quite the adventure but the littles are good about it. They each get a small amount of money to spend. It’s cute to listen to them discussing during the week how they will spend it.

On The Menu 🥙

Cooler weather means more comfort foods. Chili, soups etc. I’ll try to remember to take more photos for future posts. One of our favorite meals is stir fry and wontons

Weekly Wrap Up 🐲

Issac has been working on his business. He’s really enjoying it and is learning a lot. Quinten has a part time job at a local small business and has been having fun and making some extra cash.

                                 Favorite Photos  📸 

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