The Homestead Journal~Vol 3~ Week 1-3. 2018

       On The Homestead

We finally has a storm but the children were disappointed we didn’t get more snow. I posted those pics in the last blog. These next two photos sum up life with my children.

We feed the chickens off the porch usually so they get socialized with us, so they all were here waitung for food in the snow. They have a place to roost in the winter but they preferred to hang under the cabin with the dogs.

Quinten has turned the old cabin into his workshop. Hes been wanting to work on some projects and hes finally made a space to set up his tools.

Mosiah is talking much more. He still won’t say much if he feels put on the spot, but if he initiates the conversation he’s quite the chatter bug. We don’t know if it’s just his reserved personality or because of the trauma from when the state kidnapped him, but he’s doing better. He was 13 months when he was taken, he was put into 2 or 3 different foster homes. He’s also going through a developmental stage so I hope enough time has passed that that experience isn’t a marker on him anymore.

Gabriel is potty training himself. He’s very proud. He is quite the chatter bug. His phrase right now is “I will”. He’s also confessing to everything he does, and everything he didn’t do. The other day I came home from work and the treat stash was empty (it was already almost empty). As I walked in he says “hey mom, I ate the treats!” “you did?” “Yep!” He says proudly. “Lucas ate your treats” “Lucas ate the treats too?!” “Yep” “Mosiah too!” So if you plan to sneak extra treats, don’t involve Gabriel lol. Abigail had asked the other day who had moved something and he was happy to say he did it. lol

Mosiah having fun playing family feud.

Zachary getting the right answer. I am amused by some sitting with blankets and others in shorts and T-shirt’s

It didn’t take long for the snow to melt. Bandit is a perfect mix. Here his Pyrenees is showing through.

Our Adventures

Olivia works 3 days with me. She likes to help bathe dogs. My rule is once you can do our dogs properly you can help with client dogs. If you can properly groom Maggie, every thing else is pretty easy.

I love Gypsy’s face in this. Shes a silly girl who is very particular with her moods.

Wrap Up

I had planned to add the weekly menu but I forgot to plan properly. Next week!

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2 Responses

  1. Claire

    I enjoyed reading your update, thanks. The kids are growing up so fast and all look so happy!

  2. April

    I love your photos, as always! The kids are growing up so fast! I also had to laugh at the mix of blanket wearers and short and t-shirts… My kids do the same thing. Usually Luci is in t-shirts. I am forever reminding/nagging her to put on a coat when we leave the house, but then I often run out to check the mail or do a short errand in shirt sleeves myself, so I guess she comes by it rightly. 😉

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