The Homestead Journal ~ Week 140-142~ Whew!

I have been super swamped with work and what feels like mental exhaustion. I was bit pretty badly a week and a half ago and its messed with my groomer mojo.

About a month ago, I spent a whole day off working on setting up the blog, and over the past few weeks I have just been bombarded with spam comments. Close to 1,000 as of this weekend.. I have to click and delete each one as I want to make sure I do not delete actual comments. Anyhow I hope to resolve that. But I have been discouraged from posting..

On the Homestead

When we first moved to the property we planned to build a cabin. We decided in the beginning it would be quicker and easier to put a rent-to-own pre fab on. We intended on finishing it off over the winter but we never got that task accomplished. While sitting down making some goals, we decided to send the prefab back and build from scratch.. a little late in the season, but we have confidence it will all work out.

We are going to build a 20×40 cabin a few feet back from where the current cabin sits. In the meantime, we are building a smaller semi temporary cabin 20×13 This is the beginning of the 20×13.

Pallet Cabin 1
 We have also moved the outhouse and built it up on a platform. Quinten and Jacob built this. They are working on a door, but for now we just have a blanket up. This will help in bad weather. This is a composting toilet. You can learn more about composting toilets by searching them online.. Here is a video I found in the top of a quick search.

Out house

That is our current project.. The garden has failed and we are going to try a small fall garden.. Possibly in a new location. Most of our focus is now going towards the cabin finish and winter wood. We have enough dry wood on the property, we just need to collect and cut it.

I have been wanting to take more time to learn to use my camera better.. I tend to rely on the auto settings a bit much. The super moon forced me to do so. I didn’t have a tripod or the correct lens, but I made do with what I had!
Super Moon

Mosiah is growing fast! This was taken in his 4 month mark

Mosiah 4 months

Our Adventures

Our life is one big adventure.. We have been a bit too busy for any outings but we did make a point to get to the lake now that school has started.

Lake 5 Lake 4 Lake 2

As I said above, work has been busy, Grooming has been up and down but I have been working on marketing myself as well. And we sold quite a few bows etc. I have another big order to fill this week. Thankfully my hand is better and I can play catch up..
Daisy little flowers Pom

I have also been scoping out some local places to work on some landscapes. These are two separate evenings

river sunset Sunset 2

Additional Photos

mohawk Rooster1

The photo of Zacahry and the rooster were not intended to be posted together, but that is how they loaded, so I left it.. It was perfect


Little Lumberjack Littler Lumberjack 

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