Homestead Attire: Wool Felt Hat

Jacob bought this hat back in February. He loves it. It’s a crushable wool hat which is a must have for an older brother in a large family. It’s been crushed many many times. He wears it often and it has faded in the sun, but it’s still in excellent shape. It has a wide brim and fits to your head as you wear it. Jacob says it doesn’t bother his head like some hats have. It’s extremely comfortable. It’s heavy enough it kept his head warm in winter but inot too hot in the summer. Plus it looks great! Jacob bought brown but it’s available in black.


“I feel so swell and handsome in my hat
I bet that others wish they had in fact
A hat as this, a hat as that, a hat so fine, a high silk hat”

~Larry the Cucumber

get your own here!

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  1. Annie

    Such a handsome young man! What a cool way to review a product.

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