Happy Birthday Joe!

I met my husband in 1991 when we were freshman in high school. We started dating in 1994. I’ve known him a very long time.

If you have ever met him you know how outgoing he is. A lady we use to go to church with asked him one day “have you ever met a stranger?” He likes to connect with people a hear their stories. I get clients all the time “I met your husband while I was at this other place”. Just a few weeks ago he went to buy fish and I ended up with 6 new clients!

He is like a big kid sometimes and that makes him a great dad.. and granddad! He was walking by the bed the other night and the little boys were sitting with me and next he knew they all jumped on him, it’s a common occurrence. They love to wrestle with daddy. We had Addalyn that night and I can just see how much she can’t wait to join in as she was laughing hysterically.

Being a stay at home dad he spends more time with our children than I do. He is really good at managing our home and keeping things flowing. So many people have this stereotypical idea of parental roles and it’s a shame because in their close mindedness they don’t see talents that their spouses have. Our children have greatly benefited from Joe being a stay at home dad. And he has greatly benefited as well.

Joe is also a very supportive husband. He is literally my biggest fan. He takes care of me. He always backs me up. He’s also been better at taking care of himself as well. He’s battled weight for years. He’s ignored his high blood pressure and he’s felling that now. About a year ago he changed some habits and has not only lost a lot of weight but he is also feeling better. It takes a lot of self discipline. He does intermittent fasts 5-6 days a week. I tried it for 3 days and couldn’t do it. I’m really proud of him for keeping with it. I keep telling him to write a blog or help me write one so we can share what he has done.

He’s 43 years old today! Happy Birthday ❤

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