Happy 4th Birthday Mosiah

How adorable is he?! 💙

Mosiah has been a very quiet and introverted child, bu a few weeks ago he came out of his little shell. He’s been so chatty and more assertive as well. Sometimes milestones come and go quietly and some days they just say “poof! I’m 4!” He’s grown a few inches this past week it seems as well!

Mosiah is an extremely sweet little boy. He’s very laid-back and affectionate. He’s very responsible for his age. He’s good about taking care of his personal stuff without being asked.

He It’s growing out his hair, he wants it to be like Quinten’s, But it said that annoying stage where it’s always in his face. He loves having his face painted so he’s often in Abigail’s room. He’s very adventurous and loves to be outside. He has a great sense of humor and he loves jokes. Lucas is always telling jokes and Mosiah tries to remember them.

Happy 4th Birthday Mosiah!

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