Extreme Budget Makeover Revisited 2018

In 2011 I did a blog series Extreme Budget Makeover. It’s been 7 years so I thought I would revisit it. The past few years we have experienced a lot of changes and I need to update our own family budget as we have been playing catch up.

The first assignment is to get familiar with a budget system. I use an iOS app called Money Monitor. It’s a great app for just a few dollars. There are many programs to choose from or you can use a simple pencil and paper budget book. I prefer the app as I find the charts handy. This app tells me how much I spent and where. This app does not link to my bank so we have to enter the information manually like a check register. I don’t want things linked to my bank account.

The best advice I give here is to get into the habit of getting recipts and making sure you write down all expenses. This includes little purchases such as .50 in a soda machine or a $2 burger.

Start in the habit now and get ready for next month!

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2 Responses

  1. Claire

    I agree, a budget is the best way to go. It makes you more aware of exactly where the money goes and can make you rethink needless spending.

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