Diversity of Dreadlocks

One of the most criticial comments I get on my locs is regarding cultural appropriation. “Dreadlocks are for black people”. This is mainly an American stereotype, perpetuated by television and movies.

The reality is no one culture owns dreadlocks. All hair matts. And all cultures have embraced that. And once you start looking, it’s amazing to see that not only are Dreadlocks diverse in culture. They are diverse in style.

My locs are 3 years old. They began with twist and rip and some back combing around 6 months and on occasion for maintenance but they are pretty much free range locs 😉

Most everyone thinks of Bob Marley when they think of dreadlocks. The Rastafarian culture is widely known for dreadlocks and Bob Marleys celebrity status has made a huge impact on how people see dreadlocks.

If I were to ask you, “who is the first person you think of when you hear the word dreadlocks” who would you think of? Let’s play Family Feud. Bob Marley is the #1 answer, what is your next option?

My dreadlocks are wild. I like them natural. They are long enough to pull up, but because I have thick locs they are tricky to maneuver at this length. And winter is giving me some unwanted extra frizz.

So who did you come up with?

My favorites celebrity locs

Lenny Kravitz shaved his off locs a few years ago, I’ve loved his dreads since the 90s. That’s probably where I got the idea to have them.

Captian Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has great locs as well. They are just awesome.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) has some notable locks

People with dreadlocks are very diverse in so many ways. Hair type, race, gender, age, lifestyle..,


And styles of dreadlocks are a just as diverse

Dreadhawks, Partial dreads, natural dreads, colored dreads, synthetic dreads, extensions, colors, wraps, beads. Hippie locs, hipster locs, fairie locks, Celtic locs, punk rock locs, short locs, long locs, tidy locs, loopy locs, skinny locs, fat locs, dressed up locs and wild untamed ones.

Locked hair can be so fun!


Dreadlocks have a debatable origin. I don’t think any one culture can claim originality. We’ve seen them from all parts of the world. These are some photos of Native Americans who also wore dreadlocks.

Which dreadlocked styles do you like the most?

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5 Responses

  1. sheila

    I think if they are not mattie looking and they are kept clean that is fine, but I would have a problem with ones what look like they never wash or comb their hair and are all frizzy and it looks like they just crawled out of bed~

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    “ Do you know the tribe (nation) of the individual in that the last pic?”


  3. Mary Kellogg

    Wow I’ve never seen indigenous people with dreadlocks. Amazing. Do you know the tribe (nation) of the individual in that the last pic?

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