Inside the Truth~ Chapter 1: Hello Newman

When we moved to Breckinridge County we wanted to find that happy medium of keeping to ourselves but also know the community a little. Being the friendly guy he is, my husband was sure to introduce himself to the Sherrif when we had paperwork to file at the courthouse.

My first impression of Todd Pate was a good one. He seemed like a laid back nice guy. We really liked the area and by driving around we figured we wouldn’t have any issues here. Everyone seemed friendly but not judgemental.

But in March of 2014, that changed. My daughter Olivia who was 6 at the time got mad at her brothers and stormed off. Last I knew she had gone to bed to take a nap. She didn’t. She had walked about a mile or so up the road. As soon as I realized (maybe 10-15 minutes) her older brothers went looking for her. Jacob headed up the road and Quinten went to the woods to the fort. I was 9 months pregnant and my husband was at work with our only vehicle.

Jacob caught up with her about a half mile from the house as a woman had stopped her and was driving her back home. Jacob took Olivia home and the search party was called off.

I sat down and talked to Olivia about what happened, not long after I hear the children say someone is here. I walk down to the driveway to see a plain white car in my driveway and a man walking towards us. My sons and I confront him realizing it’s the Sherrif.

He begins his demands on me. I call my husband and begin to record.

After everyone left, we had to re-evaluate a lot of things. That experience was so traumatic and I didn’t even recognize it till years later how that whole scenario left some psychological damage.

I am sure there are some who will say why didn’t you just cooperate. Because that’s not who I am. We have rights for a reason. And even my diplomatic husband who tried to cooperate was quickly shown what kind of man we were dealing with. We saw he was dangerous. But what could we do?

I recall the next time I saw him when I was at the county offices a few months later. “Hello Newman” I said in my very terrible Jerry Seinfeld voice. I don’t think Todd Pate even paid attention to what I said, but for the next year and a half, I referred to him as Newman. I guess it was my own personal joke to deal with it all. That’s just how my mind works. I can find dark humor in weird places.

I don’t know why Todd Pate came at us so aggressively , I can only speculate, but I think part of it is the bully mentality that is documented in many law enforcement statistics. I also think it has to do with Clayton, the young man Todd Pate helped rescue a decade or so ago. I think his strength has become his flaw. He treats everyone like Clayton. And that is a problem.


*This is the first chapter of my blogbook

Inside the Truth ~The Blessed Little Homestead Story of Corruption, Collusion and Compassion

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  1. Not Just A DUI – Simply Nicole

    […] In 2014 Sheriff Todd Pate tried to flex his authority to usurp my rights. I held my ground but we did compromise at some point. We knew we were in the right, but we were scared. […]

  2. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Well by the looks of things Todd Pate is the one who needs proper supervision. Why don’t you keep your eye on him. I’m sure you have seen HIM in the news… AGAIN

  3. Nicole.

    So proper supervision isn’t something children have the right to? Noted. 😂

    Don’t worry, I’m sure we will be seeing you in the news again soon. So glad you haven’t added more children to the family, focus on keeping the ones you have properly supervised and cared for then you won’t have problems with the Sheriff.

  4. BlessedLittleHomestead

    I don’t understand your need to tell me how to live my life, and certainly not how to parent, but I will say that I have you blocked on all my other social media and this won’t be any different.

    I already explained the situation with my daughter and that is all I’m going to say.

  5. Nicole

    It’s obvious you cannot provide proper supervision for your children if they end up a mile from home and are picked up by strangers. Children have rights too, don’t they? Don’t they have the right to protection and proper supervision?

  6. BlessedLittleHomestead

    It’s obvious you don’t understand your rights. You lack of knowledge doesn’t have any impact on my decision.

  7. Nicole

    The officers were respectful, they were much more patient than they had to be. You and your husband escalated the situation which could have been completely avoided. Maybe don’t have more children than you can properly supervise.

  8. BlessedLittleHomestead

    So did I escalated by invoking my rights or did the officer escalated by violating those rights?

    I asked him if he suspected of me committing a crime he did not he could not cite me the law that he told me I broke.

    Well you may not value your rights, I do and I should not be penalized for that.

  9. Nicole

    This could have easily been avoided. You escalated it and you neglected to provide proper supervision for your child. You’re damn lucky it wasn’t a dangerous person who picked her up off of the road. The officers had every right to be concerned and to speak with her without you influencing her.

  10. BlessedLittleHomestead

    That’s kind of my point. We have certain rights and just because it makes a law-enforcement officer uncomfortable when I invoke those rights does not in anyway give him the authority to violate my rights. And I’m always distrustful of people who try to justify police retaliating against someone who invokes their rights

  11. Lori Mchughes

    In all honesty, had you just let the officer talk to Olivia in the very beginning, nothing would have come of that particular situation. Officers are trained to be extra guarded when a citizen is defensive right out of the gate. For you to be so guarded, throws up a lot of red flags to the authorities.

  12. Stephanie

    Very first question…do you have a warrant to enter my property? If not, I request you leave. Come back with a warrant.

    What a jerk. No wonder you had so much trouble. He is a typical southern “good ole boy” and i can’t stand them.

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