Just Let Me Enjoy My Pregnancy

I’m really discouraged about how much negativity surrounds pregnancy. Every aspect of it. I’ve been fed it my whole life as far back as I could recall. In high school pregnancy is discouraged by making pregnancy and parenthood sound awful. … Continued

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. I’m seeing a lot of stories in my news feed. And I had some thoughts I wanted to share. Both my husband and I were legally adopted by our stepfathers. I was adopted at birth, … Continued

I Might Be A Little Crazy

One way to discredit someone is to question their mental health. I’ve been diagnosed by the Facebook peanut gallery with a dozen or two mental conditions. And read on. You probably are suffering from many of these. 1. Narcacism. It’s … Continued


I’ve really been conflicted lately with regards to the BLH FB page and blog. I use to enjoy blogging my life and thoughts. I knew not all would agree, but it would be just that. Now it’s stalkers and attacks. … Continued

CPS as a Bully Tool

I’ve discussed many issues with CPS but the main one is how CPS investigations are initiated┬áin the first place. Its a bully tool, plain and simple. Pissed off at your neighbor, call CPS. Coworker take the promotion you want? Call … Continued