Spies, Lies and Videotape

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The BLH Stalkers are at it again. They have been working on a “documentary” of sorts but so far as we can see, they have very little facts and much elaboration. We haven’t seen much of what they have, but … Continued

The Smear Campaign Expands

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A few of Faiths family members received this message from a fake profile that was immediately disabled after the messages were received. I want Faith’s family to know along with everyone else, what the reality is, not some internet gossip. … Continued

Attacks on The Young Couple

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Sally Davis, the blogger, has the biggest voice in the Anti Naugler crowd. She even brags about her website statistics. And a few days ago, she posted the news that my oldest son and his fiance, were pregnant. She announced … Continued

Attacks On The Grooming Salon

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Since the beginning non supporters have had an issue with our family’s business. The grooming salon was set to open the week the children were taken. The salon opened a few weeks later. The money for the salon was a private … Continued