Case Closed!

1364 days. 

That is how long our case has been open. 1364 days is 3 years 8 months and 23 days.

We weren’t aware we had court today (we don’t have a lawyer and I guess they don’t send us letters) so when we got a phone call from our caseworker it caught us off guard. We said we could be there in 20 minutes if we needed to be, but were told we didn’t need to.

I am kind of glad it was closed without us. I have pretty bad anxiety now and I don’t think I would have been able to be on my feet like I need to be. I didn’t have time to overthink things. My husband would be worried about me and more defensive then he usually is.

We have to request the forms from the court hearing but from what our caseworker told us the judge was very thorough in reviewing our case. The county prosecutor and the cabinet both motioned for the case to be closed. Susan Strieble the Guardian Ad Litem in our case, did not. She filed a motion to have my husband and I both jailed for contempt for not following the orders of the previous judge, orders that are not in the scope of responsibility or that had any validation. She continued to hold her bias of her personal opinions of our family dynamic. Thankfully the judge honored the cabinets request… 3 years and 6 months of requests to close the case and it was finally honored.

This was the letter we got today. Courts allowed closure.

As as I said today every bit of our story will be told. Mostly for us, but also for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation.

I have a lot of information to share. It will not be censored unless it’s something that I feel needs to be. Somethings will not be favorable of us, because it’s going to be the whole truth, and we have made mistakes, bad choices, and lost tempers. And for everyone who put themselves in our story, that falls on them.

Our case should have never been opened, but at the very least it should have been closed in 2015. The person responsible for that is ultimately Judge Shan Embry, but The GAL Susan Strieble used her personal relationship with the judge and her personal bias against us to continue this for an additional 3 and a half years.

I have a huge box of documents and video to present to everyone and it will take time to get it all done. And this is just the court aspect. We also have other stories to tell. It’s a lot of work.

I did want to share one document that kind of sets the tone for the whole case, and shows the bias we had to deal with. This is a motion Susan Strieble submitted July 2015

The motion was denied. We don’t recall knowing about this motion at the time but it was a blur. We are looking to see if it’s in the records. However at the adjudication court date, AFTER we signed the adjudication forms and the coerced plea deals, the judge presented this motion and honored the motion to have my family evaluated. AFTER the children had been home for a month and AFTER we signed the coerced plea deal. Attorney Rick Hardin half heartedly opposed it, and we left with a order for my husband and I to be evaluated with the terms that the court would honor CPS recommendations after the completion. The evaluations took 14 months due to the scheduling of Dr. Marvin.

Susan Strieble filed this motion, not because of any suspected abuse or neglect, not because of any testimonies given aroused suspicion. Not because of any evaluations to date, not because of any evidence presented…. but because the GAL had to find faults in our lifestyle choices. And for nearly 4 years they emotionally abused my family to try and justify their prejudice and bias.

Our case may be closed but the story is just beginning. You have got to hear the rest of this story.


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23 Responses

  1. Susie Baker

    Praise God your nightmare is over I admire you and your husbands strength! I know the last few years have put a toll on you and him so sorry you had to suffer through so much.

  2. Rachel

    I am so happy this is over…or just beginning. Prayers and lots of love.

  3. Mom

    Nicole I am so so happy the case is closed!! But I know the effects are not. I pray for healing for you and the whole family. I love you. ❤

  4. BlessedLittleHomestead

    Yes. Sally and Susan are two peas in a pod. But the language is bigger than them. It becomes policy for all and that is why we speak out.

  5. Lokn

    So happy this is done! Isn’t it odd that Susan lady sounds so much like Sally? Now they are both gone! Two very unhappy woman, well three if you include Al! I can’t understand such hateful vile people who pretend to be so “liberal” and modern, yet refuse anyone to think differently than they do. It was with great relief to read Sally’s last blog. She lost! You and Joe are great parents! You clearly love your children and family. I wish more people enjoyed and loved their kids and spent as much time with them as you all do. I also wish big families like yours was the norm. Kids are great! They are a blessing and should not be left to the state to raise!

  6. BlessedLittleHomestead

    It is sad. What’s worse is so many are ok with it.

  7. Ben

    I am happy for you and your family. Sadden, though, that such bias exists in the called Justice System.

  8. Diana Alexander

    On the positive side your case is closed!! Yay!
    I have been following your case because of the disregard of the law by those whos job is to uphold them. I rejoice that your children are with you and that you have hopefully made it through the worst. The impact emotionally you have to deal with such as anxiety, PTSD and other security, bullying issues are still ongoing but with time will resolve. I look forward to your book and hope that it is cathartic and allows you to release some of the trauma of the past years. My prayers continue to be with you.

    My ex left the courtroom as a convicted felon and was able to walk directly to the sheriff’s office and pick up the gun he used in his terroristic threatening, and violent acts. Only in Kentucky.

  9. Liz DIllon

    SO happy for your family. FINally. Having to deal with so muh head wind.GOd BLess you.

  10. Geneva Robinson

    Ok, I have to point out, the way she goes on about 18th century lifestyles, actually outright condemns persons such as Mennonites and Amish for their lifestyles.
    Furthermore, what she literally is saying is that she’s prejudiced because you dare to raise children and live outside the miniscule box she defined as ‘normal’ and views as accepted socially. She wishes for something akin to A Wrinkle in Time, where everyone lives, acts, and thinks identically. What a sad, pathetic world she’d condemn us to.
    It’s part of what our country is founded on, the rights and ability to live our lives the way we want, free of molestation for being different. While it’s legally protected to be free of harassment or prejudice for being different in several ways, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, the sad, horrifying truth is that we have NO protection, and seemingly no right to dare to live outside the boundary of what someone else defines as ‘normal’. I was taught as a child that ‘normal’ ‘is defined by the parameters of the person defining it’. Normal is different, wonderfully and blessedly different, for all of us. Sorry for the soap box and tangent. After countless false cases, several CPI admissions that there was nothing wrong with our family, only that we were different, and FINALLY, a cpi who actually had the guts to put it in our file that they had no doubt there would be future calls, as we lived an unconventional lifestyle which was often misunderstood, but our kids are very happy, healthy, well cared for, and perfectly fine. Although the note doesn’t prevent them from coming out, it has led to them having that up front, and coming out with completely different attitudes. They even grasp the fact that I’m going to stand on my 4th amendment and have acquired that with NO suspicion or attitude. The pathetic fact of life today, in this world, is that everyone who dares live outside what ”society” and the government desires, anyone daring to think for themselves, by having kids and daring to raise them our way, free of indoctrination and programming, is going to suffer the harassment and indignity of child protection iinvestigations.We lived in Kentucky when y’all’s nightmare began. Following it, and knowing how familiar your lifestyle was to ours was the biggest thing that convinced me I wanted to move back to Florida. Your case absolutely would not have happened where I live. It terrified me to see what was happening to you. I’m glad this case FINALLY closed.

  11. Cindy

    I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for your family!! There’s no denying that your children are happy and healthy because of the love and nurturing that they have been given by both of you. I hope your children will overcome the trauma they were put through,only because some people think they can tell you how to raise them. This kind of stuff needs to stop and let them concentrate on the ones that REALLY need help, but, by that time is usually too late, as has been proven over and over again 🙁

  12. Paul Turner

    I agree this never should have happened. I have followed your family story since before this began. It is ridiculous and so wrong for this to have dragged on like this. You have my best wishes and I’m glad it is finally “Case closed”.

  13. misty zaranti

    Congrats to your whole family and Happy Anniversary!!

  14. sahawk1

    Anyway you can sue her for such garbage? That is a ridiculous piece of fiction. Every parent is allowed to raise their children how they want. We aren’t cookie cutter people. We are individuals!

  15. Connie K

    First I want to congratulate you all on finally seeing an end to this madness. I’m just appalled that Susan S was able to taunt, harass and just plain be evil toward you all personally and online and be considered to be a unbiased person in your case. I’m still sitting here with my mouth hanging open. It makes me so angry.

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