In Control

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I’m a control freak. Not in the sense I want to control others, but in the sense I need to be in control of my self. I clash with authoritarians, those who seek to be authority and those who believe … Continued

Supporter Attacks

Although it doesn’t surprise me, it does sadden me to hear from so many supporters who have been bullied into silence. I know not many people are as head strong as I am. But it’s pathetic that the trolls are … Continued

False Allegations

There are some people who can’t get over the fact that my children are actually healthy and cared for. These people have gone to great lengths to cause trouble and are trying to put my children back in foster care. … Continued

Happy Thoughts

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I know it seems like I’ve been focused on the negative, but it’s not been as consuming as it seems. So here’s the other side of our life. I’ve still not done a journal, I’m not sure I want to … Continued

The Real Abuse

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This is the blog I wanted to write before all this side tracking drama popped up. I wanted to talk about my children. That’s what this is all about right? What’s best for my children. When we decided to move … Continued

Bethannie’s Demands

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Bethany Horn and her husband Paul live in Stevensville Montana. No where near Garfield,Kentucky. Bethannie has been bold in her harassment and defamation mission. Bethannie has this idea that she gets to dictate how we live our lives. Which is … Continued

A fight I don’t want

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  I’m am highly concerned for my families safety. The lengths these people are going to to cause my family harm are unfathomable. For the most part I will be making posts here on my blog only, and with minimal … Continued