Attacks on The Young Couple

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Sally Davis, the blogger, has the biggest voice in the Anti Naugler crowd. She even brags about her website statistics.

And a few days ago, she posted the news that my oldest son and his fiance, were pregnant. She announced it after she observed online chatter and a few screen shots of the fiance’s private FB post. She didn’t have to post it on her blog, in fact, she really shouldn’t be blogging about another family at all. But she did


These are some of the comments from that post. In case you were curious what exactly these people discuss


MyOhMy talks about the disaster the BLH is. How sick she is that our loving, happy family is growing.


Magenta “The father to be doesn’t appear to be a prize catch, still totally indoctrinated…” Indoctrinated ( like the Donald Trump indoctrination or the Hillary Clinton type indoctrination?)  He doesn’t treat women very well? Anyone who knows Jacob personally can attest that these are just jabs to feed the story of the “terrible Nauglers” and to fuel the defamation of the family.


JustRhon seems to have some sense, but wait, they get flamed… of course, they are just worried that their obvious harassment will be called out once again.


JustWhenYouThinkItCantGetAnyWorse –” no idea what it takes to raise a family”. Thats a pretty bold statement. My son, Jacob, is the oldest of 11. He probably has a better grasp than most young adults. So thats a good thing. We don’t want people being different. But there is more talk of the children escaping, as if the our home is terrible place. This is a classic example of the bitter attacks on my family.. Nothing really to go off of. She doesnt seem to know my family, just follows in lock step.. must be some of that indoctrination.


EyesWideOpen is keeping close watch, ready to report anything that she might disagree with!


Al “I’ve stepped away from this mess” Wilson chimes in with hypocrisy and contradiction. “Those children arent being educated because they arent doing it the way I think they should!” Al has no first hand knowledge of the education level of my children. He has no first hand knowledge of the environment or the lessons being taught. Al Wilson assumes. Faith did post her postitive pregnancy tests. She had no idea Al Wilson would be so interested in them. She had no idea Al and his friends were using a mutual friend to get the dirt on her. Stalking your daughter Al? No, its not like anyone is discussing your daughters life on a tabloid blog. There is no failed parenting. Only failed humanity where people like Al spend countless hours defending their despicable behavior. The young couple is quite prepared and capable of making and supporting their decisions.


img_7311 img_7312

Sally Davis is the BLB she defends her actions.. “It was already out, I just shared it!” as if she had some duty to tell the world. she did it for the blog traffic. she doubts the boy knows what birth control is.. she thinks people have large families because they don’t know what birth control is. not because they actually want a large family. But now the girl is on the homestead shes going to get caught in the cross hairs.. What cross hairs Sally. Why are there cross hairs on the BLH and the Nauglers? Because they don’t agree with their lifestyle ( see all other comments on this post) and we are targeted for it

img_7313 img_7314

Of course there were other comments on FB

This page is Cheri Wheet Beasley


Lisa Luthi runs Blessed Little Trolls. Not only did they announce a strangers pregnancy, they announced her new home. This cabin photo is from her FB page

img_7300 img_7301

This is a real class act.


Lisa Luthi, Al Wilson, Courtney White and Heather Murphy-Murphy maybe you just shouldnt be a jerk and share peoples personal photos for your entertainment.


This is who these people are. There are many more SS that could be shared, and we may add more. But this just shows the kind of people the we deal with on a daily basis. This is more than just commentary. This is harassment.

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20 Responses

  1. Meagan

    Actually, there are a good handful of pages online that suggest, if not down right say, he overdosed on drugs. A few forums too.

  2. Darlene

    Stunned: You have said what I think so very well. I don’t understand all of this “tear them apart limb from limb” going on but enough is enough. This it torture…this is harassment, this is bullying at its finest. The Nauglers are doing what they feel is best for them and their children. This world is so horrible and filled with hate, I don’t blame them one bit for going off the grid. I wish I had the guts to do what they have done. But I do agree with just documenting all the hate and threats but not replying. I have found through my life…if you don’t respond, there is nothing to fuel the fight more. BUT I do not think these people are ever going to let up, to much hate in their hearts to walk away from it all now. Very sad. Nicole I have been a fan of yours since I found you on FB. I love watching your kids grow and all that they do, your videos are awesome and I think you are also very awesome and a great mom. These people are just so so bored in their own lives that they have to have destroy others to feel complete. Misery loves company…there is your trolls who follow along with it all…misery.

  3. Blessed Bloggers

    When deciding whether a person will be a good parent, I don’t use age as a judge but rather character traits.

  4. Blessed Bloggers

    Nthan was raised in a Christian fundamental home, which by Sally’s definition is abusive. No one takes lethal drugs with the intent to live.

  5. Blessed Bloggers

    Faith announcing her pregnancy to her friends is not the same as the BLH stalkers making it a part of their pages and websites. It was wrong.

  6. Emmy

    Faith had already announced it, and it was already news around town.

  7. Emmy

    Claims that Nathan was abused and killed himself by OD’ing on drugs.

  8. HighHopes

    As with Aro, I too was attacked by your haters, on my first comment of support, using vulgar language and making false accusations. I also backed off, because I am not personally involved with this situation and, as any normal person, had no desire to be abused in such a fashion. I have however been watching, I too have seen the escalation of the attacks, the total disregard of truth and the cavalier dismissal of the harm their bizarre obsession with you has caused. This is not normal. These people are not normal. Again, I agree with previous comments, do not engage, do not interact, but document, expose, and tell your story, your way.

  9. Here We Go Again

    How do you know they will be fantastic parents? Age is a very real and viable number. I don’t know many 17 years olds who are really that well equipped with dealing with the world on their own let alone a world for their child. While I wish them the best, to assume they will be “fantastic” parents is just nuts.

  10. Elizabeth

    Oh lol sorry…. I didn’t gather that from your post on fb….. At any rate age is just a number and they are going to be fantastic parents 🙂

  11. Aro

    Stunned, you said it very well! None of those who constantly criticize will take responsibility for what their cohorts do or say, yet lump anyone who defends or supports the family together. Going so far as to hold them responsible by blasting their name on their pages and or blog for simply liking a post or leaving a comment. The behavior displayed is abhorrent and childish. Any sane parent would get their child professional help if they behaved toward a classmate in a similar manner. It’s hard to be a witness to the antics being played out. One reasons I bowed out a long time ago. Naugler family, keep documenting, keep reporting, keep contacting local, state, and even federal authorities. If anything should happen against you, it will prove you tried to stop the harassment. I was attacked within the first 2 weeks, multiple times, for having an opinion in support of reunifying your family. I didn’t try to get even with the guilty ones or make pages on them, or go to look at their pages to try and dig up dirt, yet they mocked me, called me names, said I had mental issues, and yes, used info on my personal page to try and intimidate me. I backed out of the scene and commentary because I felt no need to add fuel to a wildfire. My being supportive was only making it more fun for those people to mock you and anyone who refused to stoop to their level. I watched for awhile, but realized it was not going to improve. I have maintained my supportive stance for your family, and have noted all the slurs, hate, harassment, and even stalking against you. It has solidified my opinion that you are not dealing with normal people. Please be careful, and I wholeheartedly agree with Stunned! Don’t retaliate, don’t reply, don’t interact… Just document everything.

  12. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    Which false information about Nathan was posted?

  13. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    Not that it matters, or to take away from your comment, but Faith is 19.

  14. Elizabeth

    These people are absolutely INSANE!!!!! I cannot believe they take to attacking the kids…. And what the hell is so sad about 2 17 year olds who OBVIOUSLY love each other having a child together?!?!?! I take an abundance of offense to that, for the simple fact I was a young mother…. I was pregnant at 16 and had my 14 year old at 17….. I have never lost him or any of my children to CPS, and have always been and always will be a damn good mother…. I believe that Jacob and Faith will be damn good parents as well!!!! I just can’t believe they stoop to these childish levels and try to turn a wonderful announcement into something so negative…… It is EXTREMELY CLEAR to me that these people THRIVE on not only trying to ruin peoples lives, but on all the drama that comes along with it….. The words and actions if these people have me pissed and feeling physically ill!!!! I pray that Jacob and Faith can and will weed out these crazy ass people so they cannot continue attack them…..

  15. Stunned

    After reading all of these pages…I think this has gone way beyond basic snark pages. For some reason these bloggers and neighbors have a deeply vested interest in seeing the Naugler family suffer and be humiliated.
    It’s done under guise of “caring for the kids” or “spreading truth” but that’s not it at all. . This is hate and has Gone too far.

    I am sad to see people advising Nicole to IGNORE it while claiming she likes drama when all she wants is someone to acknowledge her pain and fear. I think she is just flabbergasted that no one is appalled this is happening to her family. I think she just needs to hear this is not ok. It’s flat out bullying. The posts are beyond normal commentary. It’s page after page of people ripping apart the family.
    And Why? Is indoor plumbing so important that they must be punished for not providing it? Is it humorous to make fun of where someone poops? Does the fact the Nauglers received some donations make others feel envy? Do they feel they have a say over how it was spent?

    So they have bad credit? So they pissed a few people off? So they had a few incidents? So they believe in having a lot of kids? Maybe they really are annoying neighbors? So maybe they did some stuff to survive they wish they didn’t have to. I dont really care, it doesn’t justify the degree of bullying sent their way. Their lack of social norm doesn’t make them bad people who deserve to have their family threatened. It seems this family has been henpecked for so long their natural reaction is defensive. And commenters use that defense to “prove” their point. They want to push Naugler’s buttons causing a reaction. This isn’t a sport. This is someone’s life.

    Why are these pages still going 2 years later? Fine, you blogged and shared the backstory .. Truth is out on Nauglers past! Yea! Now what? you say you wanted to make sure others knew who their donations were going to. Ok, So why go on? If that’s all this was about, didn’t you accomplish that in first few posts? Why keep it going? Why must every post on the family blog be dissected still? Why are you obsessing over one family and their choices? Why does that bother so many to the point they feel the need to gang up on them and threaten their feeling of security?

    I’m not saying the Nauglers are perfect. They messed up by posting some pretty nasty stuff themselves. But I think considering the weight of the hate, its understandable why they snap and pop off sometimes. I don’t think they “struck first.”

    My wish for J and N Is to not give ammunition as far as “fighting back” with tit for tat verbal sparring. Document, sure. But don’t reply to the abusers personally again. They are baiting you so they can post SS and “prove” you are evil when you tell them off. They are gaslighting you. Post what they say here if it makes you feel safer to expose it, but don’t respond to them directly. They want it and I don’t want them getting what they clamor for.

    My wish is for the bloggers baiting them to merely stop.
    Yes, I see parents who made mistakes. Lord knows I’ve made some. I also see progress. I see love. I see kids doing fine. Yes, I said fine. I see parents just wanting their civil rights protected. I see parents who are learning as they go. Like we all do.

    If posters cared about the kids at all, they would never write the things they do.
    I can’t imagine living under daily threats of calls to CPS. Blogs laughing at me for my fearful or angered reactions to those threats.

    Bloggers and posters…think before you write. Imagine if your family went under a microscope the way this one has. How would you feel? How would you react?
    You say they asked for it, begging to go viral, when you know darn well they wanted the story of the kids being taken to go viral, not their every move.
    They wanted attention to their fight, that was all. They were scared and wanted support.

    This has gone way to far. They are people with real feelings. Real children. These are REAL LIVES being affected. Think about that before you write another post about how “awful” they are. Before you write another post hoping to send them over the emotional brink, think of what the cost would be if you succeed.

  16. lauren

    & when you post false information,about sally’s son? Her address,publicly available as you said? When you offered her dog away,when pics of your dog in your neighbours home are seen? Nicole,Sally praised your son & left a link to your fb showing the kitchen he built,why couldn’t one have been built while the kids were in care? you think youre under attack,stop playing for an audience & ill screen shot this because im aware you’ll not post it because it is asking why you do what you say you don’t do

  17. Sandrine

    Oh, that is sad that the couple’s news became public prematurely. Certainly you wanted the pleasure of being able to announce it yourself. 🙁

  18. Meagan

    It is absolutely sickening that people are doing this. While I dont agree with them harassing Nicole. It’s completely different for them to start attacking a young couple who are starting out. What useless tools! These trolls don’t need to be adding any stress to a young woman’s pregnancy. She apparently loves Nicole’s son and now she has to watch her back because these people are so pathetic. I can guarantee that the moment she defends herself to these people they will try to twist their story to make her look like some monster.

    These people are trying to ruin the lives of anyone who dares to think outside of their lame duck box.

    I am happy she is going to be under the protection of the Homestead. Where she is well loved.

  19. MyBlessedLittleBlog

    WE are quite concerned. This is a colluded effort to instigate gang bullying and hatssmebt and even so far as to encourage others to involve state agencies to threaten and harass the family. Many false claims have led to unsubstantiated investigations and it continues. No one is playing victim. There are actual victims. You cannot treat people this way and expect them to keep silent.

  20. Here We Go Again

    Sigh…here you are VICTIM yet again! I honestly cannot understand why you care about any of that. If you are secure in your life choices, ignore and move on. Does something about their posts frighten you? Why?

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