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Ive wanted to share some of the items we have purchased from amazon and have been happy with. I’ve been doing more online shopping as prices have been competitive and

I’m kind of picky about phone cases as I use my phone as a camera and a business phone so it’s always being used. I like this case as its slim enough to hold comfortably and it’s smooth edges. Because the iPhone 7plus is a huge phone, it’s not easy to hold. I don’t like the size but I bought it for the camera. The case has a clear back so you can see the color of your phone (I have the rose gold) or you can put a photo there.

The other item is this iSling. I looked at different holder thingys and they were all bulky, again, I like to slide my phone in my pocket. This is very comfortable. It can also be used as a stand vertical and horizontal.




















We bought these cookie cutters and they are fun. We are making dog biscuits for our clients.

And our local Walmart didn’t carry rolling pins!! We got a nice wooden one

I ordered 4 of these and put one on my salon door. I love this dancing bear!

And this grooming flag. I’ve just put it out front for now. I didn’t realize how tall it was I had thought I was getting a smaller one but this is good size. I’ll move it out when I feel like it lol

I’ve also invested in a vinyl cutting machine. We’ve had fun making things as we learn to use it.

Cameo 3


I often use simple green to clean but I’ve also been using I doBan.

One of the big purchases we’ve made is that we’ve bought a new generator that runs on propane. We’ve had it for a few months now and like the change. It also has electric start which is much nicer. Amazon also offered a great protection plan.

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