A Quick and Easy Useful Craft Project

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I don’t enjoy doing craft projects unless I can find use to them. I saw this little project in my news feed this week so I picked up the supplies and we made these little pouches this morning.

They are pretty easy to make.. we bought our supplies at Dollar Tree. One package of quart size zipper bags and  3 rolls of duct tape. We made 8 pouches of various sizes with these supplies. We spent $4 and have bags left and just enough tape for a few duct tape bows. Our bow tutorials are on our Grooming Company You Tube channel. 

You need a hard flat non stick surface to stick your tape to. The table isn’t ready so we used the laptop. Fold your bag to the size you desire and layer your tape. Fold over and repeat on the other side. 

One trick I learned was to cut a slit in the bottom sides of the tape so the corners fold better. You can use any type of duct tape, I prefer the Dollar Tree tape for crafting. It’s easier to manipulate. They have quite a few patterns in the hardware section and holiday styles in the holiday section. I thought these holographic colors were fun.

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  1. April

    These are fun! My kids will have fun making these! We also love the fun duct tape designs.

  2. Eulanda Hibler

    My sister made me a first aid kit sewed bags in a square hot pad..then made a loop n button to fold in half..I had that in trailer for yrs..it wore out..bummer..but if u used this tape..on it would probably lasted wish I had pictures..but I bet at least u got it..u always get my comments..white brain damage sucks with tremors..thanks for share

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