A New Vehicle

I drive over 300 miles a week commuting to and from work. It’s a lot of miles. It’s mostly back roads. It’s not a bad drive most days. If I am running late in the mornings or worn out from a long day the drive seems longer. I do have the option of a few different variations to my route but I usually take the same one.

Ive been wanting a better commuter vehicle. The big vans be not good on gas mileage. We are talking 12mpg. The Nissan was great but lacked space and it was a car. In poor weather it wasn’t as reliable as needed. Plus it was 17 years old. But a few weeks ago the NIssan died. And so it was time to get a vehicle better suited for me.

We looked at a few different vehicles and went with a Honda CRV. It’s a great little vehicle. It’s all wheel drive. It seats 5 and has storage room in the back. It’s excellent on gas, we get 22mpg.  It’s in great shape and has a brand new transmission and new tires. And it’s fun to drive.

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  1. Claire

    Nice vehicle, enjoy! Nice way to start 2018. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Ben

    I am happy for you guys! Hope your new vehicle serves you well for many years.

  3. Lz DIllon

    Glad to hear of your new car.WIshing your blessings in 2018.Liz Dillon

  4. Mom

    Nice. I have friends who have 2 of them. They think they are great! Good job. And Merry Christmas! Did you get the card oI sent?
    God bless all. 8

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